Britta Wenske 

Speaking Coach & Visibility Expert

I infuse your online visibility with the art of public speaking so that every video you put out there breathes the quality you want your brand to be associated with. 

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Who is Britta?

Britta Seeger-Wenske is a speaking coach and visibility expert who shows leaders how to infuse their online visibility with the art of public speaking.

Over the past 20 years, she has helped thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs and TEDx speakers transform their thoughts into standing ovation-worthy talks and videos that generate instant street cred and open the floodgates for new clients, amazing opportunities and massive visibility.

Using her signature blend of acting and science, Britta teaches her clients how to give magnetic performances everywhere, whether that’s wowing a client on a sales call, delivering an impromptu Facebook Live, or mesmerizing an audience of thousands.