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The (surprising) Backstage Story



I’m Britta Seeger-Wenske, a Public Speaking, Acting & Vocal Coach, teaching driven women take their public speaking from HOW? to WOW! 

For most of my life, I was terrified of public speaking. Ironic but true. As a child, I had anxiety over being judged talking to 4 people - let alone in front of a crowd. 

Even with 15 years of singing lessons & love of opera, I was too nervous to step into the spotlight for nearly three decades. 

Thankfully, there was a breakthrough. During an acting class in Vancouver, Canada, I finally realized that speaking on stage didn’t mean horror and judgment. In fact, speaking could be playful.

From stage sweats to a speaking coach for CEOs, entrepreneurs & TEDx speakers


I’ve now shown 100's of entrepreneurs, CEOs and TEDx speakers how to land speaking gigs, write compelling talks and walk onto stage feeling composed, instead of nauseous. 

Turns out, writing a persuasive speech & delivering it with confidence is accessible to anyone. 

Having conquered my own public speaking fears through powerful (even playful!) acting studies & robust scientific training, I’ve uncovered the proven tactics to move past nerves & deliver a standing ovation-inducing talk. Not only that, anyone can get onto a speaker list - without fancy connections - and I love teaching these methods to motivated women ready to change lives.


The Ultimate Truth About Me as a Public Speaking Coach...

If I can go from shaking as 17 year old having to speak at the front of German class…

From barely whispering a 30 second talk for my study abroad review in college…

To becoming an established speaker & coach?

With my methods, you can inspire others from the stage with confidence - absolutely.

There are people needing to hear your message - let’s get it out there.

Ready to Go From Behind the Scenes to On-Stage, While Writing a Compelling Talk?  

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