Let's quantum leap your speaking to the next level so that it's actually making money and growing the business for you.




If you're an industry leader, you are definitely doing ONE or MORE of these things on a regular basis:

  • Podcasts
  • Pitches
  • Interviews
  • Presenting to stakeholders

It is YOUR job to nail this and knock it out of the park so that your message becomes a sure-fire way to establish you as a leader.


Your audience needs to feel served and inspired to take action.

  • You need to be CONCISE
    (probably even more concise than you are already being)
  • You need to sound CONFIDENT

    (confident not just for you but that the audience is buying into what you are saying)

  • You need to HOOK your audience in

    (you probably think you are doing this but there is a secret that I go through in my audit that you are probably missing)

  • You need to be MEMORABLE
    (there is a science to this and there are skills to learn.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!


Here's How It Works...

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  • You'll send me your speaking material (up to 30 mins).

  • I'll audit your material and within 1 week, I'll create and send you two videos:

    1. Specific feedback on the content of your speech (eg. are you clear in your message, do you hook the audience in?)

    2. Training video with specific exercises you can do to quantum leap your speaking. These exercises relate to the delivery of your speech (eg. do you sound excited and confident, are you owning the room?)

  • Once you've received your audit from me, you will have unlimited Voxer access to me and two 60-minute follow-up calls to be taken within two weeks from this date.

  • During this time, we can discuss any questions you have and I will take a close look at how you practice my feedback and fine-tune your performance.


Here are what my clients are saying...

"Absolutely I'm sending my friends to you!"

"I doubled my followers after working with you because I can now show up as my authentic self. One of my TikToks got nearly 1 Million views. I keep getting messages over and over and over saying that “I feel so naturally drawn to you, you just seem so real. When I watch your video it makes me feel really comfortable.” And I wasn’t getting that before working with Britta. Working with you is so refreshing. We danced, we laughed, we role-played. Absolutely, I’m sending my friends (to you).”

LINDLEY GENTILE, Founder of ModernMomMovement
"You made my message so much clearer"

"I had no idea how to put this speech together. I thought there was no way I can come up with something. You made my message so much clearer for me and my audience.Two HUGE business opportunities were represented to me afterward." 

JULIA VORONTSKOVA, Founder of Innovation Park and owner of Kakadu Media 
"Britta can unlock what is rich and resonant in us"

“Britta is able to quickly identify patterns and habits that hold a person back from communicating with strength and unlock what is rich and resonant in us.”

"This was only possible with your guidance"

"My speech went AMAZING! I presented in front of my CEO and his response: "Outstanding and excellent!" My presence was great, and I appeared to be confident (even though I felt really nervous). He said he has rarely seen someone improve so greatly in such a short period of time. I am so proud because he is a great speaker himself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart– this was only possible with your guidance and the great, tangible tools you provided!“ 

CAROLA HERMAN, Transformation Expert & Master Business Coach



My name is Britta Seeger-Wenske, I am a speaking and acting coach.


Here to make your speaking life a hell-of-a-lot-of easier. Because great speaking is not a talent - it is practice.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked with over 60 national and international companies. Most of them have been with me for over 5 years.

I have coached 243 leaders like you and have shown them how to make their message crystal clear so that people are inspired to follow.

I have conducted over 1,500 training days and perfected my approach. So you can speak with clarity and confidence.

And yes, I am also a TEDx-coach. 

My favorite thing in the morning is to have a coffee and snuggle with my kids and husband (yes, in that order). I love to swim and work out and deep down inside I am an introvert.

Here is what my client Luce Sohier, from Schott AG says about working with me;

"My speaking has gotten so much powerful after just a few sessions with Britta. She listened carefully to what I needed and instantly captured my needs. All her tools are practical and hands-on. Her ability to adapt to everyone's needs is amazing."



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