How to Show Up Confidently and Shake Off the Pre-Speech Jitters

Sometimes, I have lipstick on my teeth, cheerios in my hair, and some kind of baby food on my body. Speaking is about being real and raw, though. So here I am -- sharing real life with you.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that speaking can be stressful, even if you’re not covered in Cheerios.


It may seem hard to believe, but I used to be absolutely terrified of speaking in public. Isn’t it funny how things work out?


I’m here today because as a speech scientist and speaking coach, I’ve found ways to center myself before a speech, and I want to share these tricks with you.


Number One. Keep breathing!


The first thing we do when we are under pressure is we hold our breath.


Taking relaxed breaths is the easiest way to regain control.


Relaxed breathing helps you to:


  • release tension in your entire body 
  • feel physically and mentally centered
  • relax your muscles
  • boost your confidence


For a detailed guide on my favorite breathing techniques, watch this short video:


Once you can feel your breath slowing down, you will feel cool, calm, and collected.


Your body will thank you for releasing the stress, and your mind will thank you for the clarity. 


Number Two. Firmly plant your feet to ground yourself.


Feeling connected to your body is key in ridding stage fright. 


When we are present in our bodies, we are able to get on stage with confidence. We shift from being worried about what MAY happen to being present with what is happening now. Here is one of my favorite ways to energize myself on the inside, while coming to stillness on the outside.


First, feel the connection with the ground through your feet. Planting your feet firmly into the ground, imagine a large string through your entire body.


Stand up straight, reaching for the sky through the top of your head.


Once you are feeling connected to the ground, you’re going to close your eyes and slowly start to bounce.


This technique is called the “Rattling Bones.” Check out this video to follow along!



It is used to get your blood flowing and feel the energy in your body. 


You will instantly feel connected to the ground and stretch to the heavens. 


After you stop bouncing, your body will have tons of energy flowing.


The old nervous energy will turn into confidence and strength, and you’ll be ready to walk onto the stage or go live -- full of energy!


Number Three. Tap out your body to get your energy moving. 


Waking up your body for a speech is equally as important as waking up your mind. 


My final trick for a pre-speech confidence boost is the body tapping method. 


Here’s how body tapping works:


  • Cup your hands and physically start tapping up and down on your left arm 
  • Repeat on your right arm 
  • Move to your face

    • Tap your jaw
    • Tap your cheeks 
    • Tap the top of your head
  • Tap your belly
  • Tap your bum and legs 


Watch the full video here on body tapping!

Once you’ve tapped out all parts of your body, you’ll want to lift your shoulders all the way to your ears, then release them. Perform this move 2 or 3 times.


This movement will get your body to relax deeper and stand taller.


Good posture will instantly make you confident. 


Now, you’ll feel the energy is flowing, your body is wide awake, and you are ready for the stage!


Feeling confident on stage is a practice. Keep going!


I can’t wait to see which techniques you try!


Let me know your favorite technique in the comments below.


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