How To Use Times Of Difficulty To Show Up Even Stronger

Now more than ever our platforms of communication are changing. 


The way we connect, support and build relationships with one another, whether professionally or personally, has taken on different and powerful ways.


We’re able to relate to one another, collectively lean on one another and move into the direction of deep connection with one another. We all share a collective story right now and this story connects us. 


Especially with the recent events that are going on. 


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, have shown us that we can use many different outlets as a form of stage, and a place to build relationships with people that we want to show up for and support. 


People need people, always, and especially right now. 


We are social creatures that connect the deepest to one another through spoken words, and if you know me then you know that I feel as if all speaking is public speaking, even when it’s showing up live on these platforms.


Even if we’re afraid to do so.


The thing is, fear has the ability to shrink us down and narrow our ability to look outwards for different options.


Whether you’re about to step on stage, present in front of all your colleagues or even go live, your mind has the ability to shift towards fear and turn your audience into the “enemy”. 


You start to question your own abilities, your knowledge and get worried that they might ask you a question you don’t know the answer to, laugh at the way you're offering advice or even feel like they might judge you for not being “good enough” to listen to.


And fear shrinks us. It does not expand us or allow us to reach our full potential, whether it’s on or off stage.


But the truth is, if we shift our mindset and change that belief then we can change our life, business and future for the better.


By shifting away from that limiting belief and turning these “enemies” into our friends, filled with gratitude and support for our knowledge, and as people that deeply want to connect with you, you can turn towards that relationship mode and away from fear. 


One of my acting teachers used to say to us “always play the love” and that saying has stuck with me for many years and has become a mantra I hold close to my heart. That’s why everytime I step on stage or show up live, I fall in love with my audience over and over again. 


I want you to take this opportunity we have to think differently about the way public speaking may be traditionally perceived, on a stage with a rehearsed speech, and instead think of public speaking as a relationship you are trying to build with the person you are speaking to. 


And right now, that means showing up on these social platforms, allowing them to be your virtual stage and connecting deeply to your audience, followers, tribe and friends.


Together we can collectively move away from fear and into support. And that’s what I’m here to help you with as well. 

If you’re feeling stuck on what to talk about when you go live, another great blog to read is “This One Question Shows You How To Choose Speech Topics” that will help you brainstorm on different speech topics, which you can then use as themes to your lives.


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