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How To Speak With Clarity & Confidence!

with Britta Wenske, Speaker Coach


Take your speaking to the next level with this concise and powerful four-part video series so you can own the room and sound confident in EVERY situation. 

 (Hint: it is easier than you think!)



In this FREE 4-part video training, you'll learn:

  • How to make your voice sound excited and engaging (professional vocal technique).
  • How to feel so CONFIDENT that slowing down and making pauses actually feels relaxing‚Ä®
  • How to stop breathing so hard you think your chest will explode‚Ä®
  • A simple tip to sound confident every time you speak

... and much more!


Yes! I want to own the stage and be confident EVERY TIME.

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Britta is not only a brilliant coach who helped me formulate a plan of attack  - she also went above and beyond to support me throughout the entire process. I delivered an impactful Ted-x talk that resonated so well with my audience that the investment I made with Britta has already been repaid tenfold.

Angela Corogin, Mindfulness Educator

Why should you listen to me anyway?


My name is Britta Seeger-Wenske, I am a speaking and acting coach and here to make your speaking life a hell-of-a-lot-of easier. 

Because great speaking is not talent - it is practice.

Over the past 20 years, I helped thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs and TEDx speakers transform their thoughts into standing ovation-worthy talks. 

And... I am a former “stage frighter” who struggled with public speaking. For.A.Long.Time.

See that tomato on your kitchen counter? 

That used to be me whenever it was my turn to say something. 

UNTIL I accidentally took an acting class in Vancouver (thank you, Universe) and discovered that speaking and performing can be FUN and profitable (yes, money is important). 

So, in short:  I am a trained journalist, classical singer, acting coach and voice scientist. Over the past 22 years, I have shown thousands of entrepreneurs, CEO’s and employees how to turn their ideas into bold, TED-worthy talks.

And yes, I am also a TEDx-coach. 


My favorite thing in the morning is to have a coffee and a snuggle with my kids and husband (yes, in that order). 

I love to swim and work out and deep down inside I am an introvert. 

Favorite quote: “Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening” (Dorothy Sarnoff).

Speak With Clarity & Confidence And Take Your Speaking To The Next Level!

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