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The “Must Have” Guide To Book Speaking Gigs Without Even Trying!

How to land high-profile speaking gigs can take some work. You’ve probably read a mountain of blog posts, listened to a ton of advice, and handed out countless business cards. But you've still received no new invitations to speak and are wondering... "How on earth will I ever book speaking engagements?”

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  • Resources and links to connect you with the best events and people specific to your industry
  • A list of local establishments you can pitch to for free, right on your doorstep
  • My top 3 tips and search hacks, and the ONLY Google search term you need to bring in customised speaking opportunities (while you sleep!)

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Date the Stage: How To Book Speaking Gigs Without Even Trying!

Hey there! I'm Britta...

 Over the past 20 years Britta Wenske has shown hundreds of CEOs, employees and entrepreneurs how to write and deliver BOLD, TED-worthy talks by using simple acting and speaking methods.

She has also been part of the TEDx-Europe team and has coached TEDx speakers to nail the performance of their lifetime - so that their talks can inspire conversations, connection and change.

She is a speaking coach, speech scientist and speech pathologist as well as a trained soprano.

Britta is a coffee lover and swim addict. She commutes between Hamburg, Germany (where she gets the best of the city) and her weekend house in the countryside (where she digs her hands in the dirt). She is married to Greg and has two wild daughters (1 and 4).


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