...Even if you’ve never spoken before and are petrified of the stage

You’ve had a quiet urge to become a speaker for a while now. You know that being a speaker OPENS DOORS, like:

Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMInspiring whole audiences of people who see you as an expert
Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMGrowing your business and getting clients from your “stage credibility”
Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMBeing invited on podcasts, summits, and retreats as a featured expert

Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMBuilding an audience on social media, especially when you use the “Live” features

Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMPositioning you for book deals, venture capital, and any other opportunity you want


But Britta, I'm SUPER SCARED!


That’s completely normal! Did you know some of the most famous leaders in the world from Warren Buffet to Winston Churchill, were once terrified to speak up publicly? But they overcame it. How?  


There’s a method for delivering a speech with confidence, even if the idea of speaking to a crowd of people makes you feel totally petrified...

There’s a science to crafting a brand new talk your audience will love, even if you feel completely lost about what to say… 

How to bring a boring talk to life and turn it into your Signature Speech, even if you've been on stage before and you didn’t deliver your best performance…


The StageReady Academy™ will help you become the speaker you've always wanted to be.

Watch this video to find out how.


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I’m Britta Seeger-Wenske, a Public Speaking, Acting & Vocal Coach, teaching driven women take their public speaking from HOW? to WOW! 

For most of my life, I was terrified of public speaking. Ironic but true. As a child, I had anxiety over being judged talking to 4 people - let alone in front of a crowd. 

Even with 15 years of singing lessons & love of opera, I was too nervous to step into the spotlight for nearly three decades. 

Thankfully, there was a breakthrough. During an acting class in Vancouver, Canada, I finally realized that speaking on stage didn’t mean horror and judgment. In fact, speaking could be playful.

From stage sweats to a speaking coach for CEOs, entrepreneurs & TEDx speakers

I’ve now shown 1,000s of entrepreneurs, CEOs and TEDx speakers how to land speaking gigs, write compelling talks and walk onto stage feeling composed, instead of nauseous. 

Turns out, writing a persuasive speech & delivering it with confidence is accessible to anyone. 

Having conquered my own public speaking fears through powerful (even playful!) acting studies & robust scientific training, I’ve uncovered the proven tactics to move past nerves & deliver a standing ovation-inducing talk. Not only that, anyone can get onto a speaker list - without fancy connections - and I love teaching these methods to motivated women ready to change lives.


Not when the method for becoming a confident, powerful speaker is available to you. In StageReady Academy, I combine the scientific methods that are proven to produce powerful talks with the acting methods you need to pretend you're confident, even when you’re not!

In this transformational online program, you'll learn the scientific and creative tactics that have landed my clients on TEDx stages, led them to achieve their business goals and go from feeling nervous on stage to speaking with ease and confidence.



These tools can be practiced and mastered. In this easy to follow, step-by-step process you'll learn how to:

Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMWrite a brilliant talk you’re proud of -- one that builds your business and resonates with your audience.
Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMThe exact methods to share your signature story and build your brand while presenting yourself as an expert in your field.

Screen-Shot-2020-01-25-at-9-43-01-PMThe proven acting techniques you need to prepare yourself prior to being on stage and how to remain calm, powerful and confident while on stage.


What's Inside the StageReady Academy™?

This online series provides you with lifetime access to over 30 powerful video trainings, implementation weeks to give you the space and time to implement the teachings into your life and business immediately. Continual support from the private Facebook group, live Q & A sessions, Feedback & Reviews Sessions & Your KickStarter Speech Guide.

What else is included in the StageReady Academy™?

Not only do you receive 6 weeks of high-level training that will make speech writing a playful experience, you will also receive the following...

Access to The StageReady Academy Private Facebook Group

Join this community of powerful women with a like-minded goal. Connect, share questions and feel encouraged to achieve your speaking dream. You’ll get ongoing feedback from Britta and support here throughout the program.

Six Weekly Q & A Sessions

Each week of the course you can get all your personal questions answered in our private Facebook Group to help you with topics on speech design, stage confidence and more.

BONUS #1: Personal Feedback on Your Signature Speech 

In the final week of the program, you’ll be invited to post your talk in the Facebook group. Get feedback from Britta on how to make the speech even stronger, so you feel totally confident going on stage.

BONUS #2: How to get speaking gigs

Ever wondered where to find speaking gigs? In this Facebook live (happening in week 3)  I will tell you where to look so you can become known as an expert

BONUS #3: How to pitch to conferences and organizers

In this live-training I will teach you how to approach conferences and organizers so that they want to put you on stage

The StageReady Academy™ 6-week online program includes:

Lifetime Access to Over 30 powerful video trainings - valued at $3,997

Six Q & A Sessions - valued at $2,997

Access to the StageReady Academy™ Facebook Group - valued at $497

Bonus One: Feedback & Review Sessions - valued at $997

BONUS #2: How to get speaking gigs
BONUS #3: How to pitch to conferences and organizers 

Total Value; $8,488

And you ONLY pay; $4,497!

Pay-in-full Bonus: A two-hour Coaching Call with Britta - A two-hour live one-on-one coaching session, where I’ll help you tackle your toughest speaking challenges first (valued at $550). 

Payment Plan is available: 3 monthly payment at $1,499.

We have a 14 Day money-back guarantee for those who have watched the first two modules but are still not satisfied. We are confident in the StageReady Academy will provide you with the tools to start creating and delivering talks and presentation with confidence and ease.

Enrollment for StageReady is currently closed.
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Britta’s Personal Promise to You


The purpose of this course is to help you become a powerful speaker. My promise to you is that by the time you finish this course, you will have:


  • A powerful speech you’re proud of -- one that will elevate your brand, spread your message, and prepare you to land speaking engagements that position you as an expert
  • The tools to step on stage with confidence, because you know that even though you may be nervous, you will be able to deliver your speech using proven acting techniques that will help you come across as natural, well-prepared and influential
  • The ability to go out and land speaking opportunities that allow you to deliver your message to the audiences that need to hear from you, including all my insights, tactics, and strategies for booking speaking engagements, both virtually and in-person


The StageReady Academy is the complete program you need to take you from never-spoken-before to sought-after speaker. All you need to do is follow my methods, ask for support along the way, and take action.

I’ll be with you every step of the way, dear one!

With love, Britta




Enrollment for StageReady is currently closed.
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A: Right now, you might not have a talk booked, so the plan is to prepare only when a gig is confirmed. However, this has been seen over and over:

Most women business owners only pitch events when they confidently know their message and how to deliver it.

If you want to share a message. If you know getting on stage is sure to grow your business (which, it is) - investing time now will lead to the speaking far sooner than you think. 

A: The course is dripped out so you can go at your own pace. It is six weeks long and, because you get lifetime access, you get to go through the course at your own pace. Although time will vary, I typically recommend approximately 2 hours a week. 


A: The course walks you through the process and exercises I have all of my 1:1 clients and groups go through. Upon joining the StageReady Academy™, you receive full access to all the material for life and get ongoing support through the Facebook group. If you’re feeling budget-conscious, trying to figure out where to pitch yourself as a speaker or preparing to speak (even if have don’t have a talk booked), this course is absolutely perfect. It’s great for those who have talks but also feel they need extra support and confidence.

This course is a fraction of the investment my 1:1 clients make - and powerful ROI for the women entrepreneurs that know the stage will grow their business.

A: There are no sneaky fees later. Any applicable sales tax is added in the shopping cart. That’s it. There are no other charges. Once you sign up, you get forever access.

A: After sending payment, lookout for an email with more information. This email will share how to join the Private Facebook Group.  After applying to join, our team checks your name and validates your entry.

Enrollment for StageReady is currently closed.
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