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I’m Britta Seeger-Wenske, a speech scientist & voice coach who spent most of my life terrified of public speaking.
Now, across nearly 2 decades, I’ve shown 1,000s of entrepreneurs, CEOs and TEDx speakers how to land speaking gigs, write compelling presentations and walk onto stage feeling composed, instead of nauseous.
Having broken through my own public speaking fears, I’ve uncovered the proven tactics to move past nerves & deliver an standing ovation-inducing talk.
With this guide, you can kickstart changing lives and growing your business from the stage, too. Absolutely.

Question you own abilities?

I understand. Right now, the idea of speaking to a crowd, even a small group, feels gut-clenching. You:
  • Question your own credibility, wondering if what you have to say really matters
  • Fear that others will analyze and criticize your talk
  • Aren't even sure where to speak or find the right audience
  • Don't know how to structure a talk - or even choose an opening line
Your brain accepts these public speaking fears as reality.
The truth?
Self-doubt has kept you from the microphone for too long.
If you're a passionate entrepreneur who's gotten great reviews from clients, you DO have a message to share.
Even if the idea of stepping onto a stage feels nerve-wracking, know that confidence isn't a natural trait.
Confidence is a habit that successful entrepreneurs have invested time into building.
I'm about to show you the 10 most powerful steps to developing that confidence on stage - for absolutely no cost at all.


Someone out there needs to hear your message.


That's why there will never be a better time than right now to hone your powerful talk.

Let's take you from Googling behind the screen - to giving presentations so powerful, listeners let their coffee go cold.
The first step is to accept your digital copy of "10 powerful steps to become a confident speaker" Guide for $0!
So, final question.
Do you want to let another day go by feeling this way about public speaking -  or are you ready to get mic-ed up and have people saying "Thank you so much, your words are exactly what I needed to hear?"

Why to trust this Bruce-Springsteen-loving coach

"Britta is not only a brilliant coach who helped me formulate a plan of attack and kept up my momentum with creative and helpful assignments between calls- she also went above and beyond to support me throughout the entire process. I delivered an impactful talk that resonated so well with my audience that the investment I made in my coaching with Britta has already been repaid tenfold"

Angie Corogin

"Thank you so much for your training and guidance. Last week I had my big talk and I have to say - Even though I was still a bit nervous, I knew I could do it! I was speaking freely and even though I had prepared some notes, I did not really need them"

Ariane Novel
Publishing company Droemer- knaur

"Britta - yesterday I gave my speech for the second time. The first time it went okay. Yesterday it was sensational! Thank you for your training. I feel like I finally found my inner compass as a speaker. I used your tools for preparation and delivery. It was a lot of work - and it was so worth it. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. "

Caterine Schwierz
CEO von Rundstedt

"I did not know where to start with my talk - I had so many ideas. Britta helped me find a logical structure that conveyed a strong, clear message. This made speaking on stage so much easier. I was also able to set my fears aside. I felt strong and confident going into my event. Britta was helpful and responsive to my needs and I cannot wait to continue working with her."

Princella Nunez-Stringer

“If I went back to college again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”
-Gerald R. Ford

Ready to pitch speaking opportunities with confidence, knowing you'll be ready with an incredible talk?

You're an entrepreneur with a message that helps others. All that's left is to uncover that message and package it into a talk.
Someone out there needs your story. The "Stage Ready Guide " will show the exact steps to get started, refine your speech & deliver it so confidently, the audience will think you've NEVER had stage fright.

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